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WANDLOVE Amethyst Facial Roller

WANDLOVE Amethyst Facial Roller

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AMETHYST is The Healing Stone

WANDLOVE. A magic wand that promotes blood flow stimulation, lymph drainage, reduces puffiness and dark circles, calms and brightens while lifting your skin. Eliminate toxins through lymph drainage, Reduce puffiness and dark circles. Soothe, brighten and improve elasticity. Deeper penetration of skincare products, Increase blood circulation and Release tension in face.

By massaging your face with the WANDLOVE, you will lift your skin improving its elasticity while eliminating toxins.  Show your face some LOVE!


Amethyst Stone

How to use

1. Begin with a clean face. 

2. Use the big head of the roller on the cheeks. Begin on the jawline and apply light pressure as you roll outwards towards the ears for lymph drainage.

3. Roll upwards from the jawline to the cheeks to sculpt the face and lift the skin.

4. Place the roller on the centre of the forehead and roll outwards towards the hairline.

5. Roll from the base of the jaw to the bottom of the neck. 

6. Use the small head of the roller underneath the eyes. Gently roll upward and outwards towards the temples. 

7. Apply serums and creams prior to rolling your face. This will allow the products like the Hadaka PURITY oil to penetrate deeper into the skin. Pair with the Hadaka 24K Gold mask for optimal results.


Set in the fridge prior to use for an amplified cooling effect. Use morning or night as part of your skin care regime. Roll in one direction using long sweeping motions. Do not pull or tug on the skin as lymph vessels lay directly underneath the surface - light pressure will suffice. Repeat each motion for a minimum of 3 times. Sanitize roller regularly.

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A new kind of skincare.

Imagine having consistently hydrated, revitalized, and youthful-looking skin!

Our products not only address immediate hydration needs but also combat the signs of aging, keeping your skin supple and radiant. The infusion of natural ingredients will leave your skin feeling nourished and replenished, enhancing its natural beauty.

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    HADAKA began as an effort to be conscious of what we put onto our skin, Starting with all-natural, cruelty free and wild harvested ingredients. We take pride in delivering high quality with noticeable results.

    At HADAKA we are mindful about our carbon footprint and the effect it has on our planet. We reduce our carbon footprint by using local sources for our packaging, such as boxes, jars and bottles.