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HADAKA Beauty is a proudly Canadian brand founded by two passionate individuals with extensive experience in the beauty industry; a French-Quebecois guy and a Mexicana girl. Driven by a shared vision for a good and honest skincare brand, they set out to create a truly exceptional beauty experience.

At HADAKA Beauty, our ethos is built on integrity, quality, and delivering effective results. We believe that skincare should be more than just a routine - it should be a sensory experience. Through meticulous research and development, we have carefully selected each ingredient to create luxurious yet affordable products.

Our commitment to simplicity and nature is at the core of everything we do. We pride ourselves on avoiding fillers and harmful ingredients, ensuring that our formulations are as clean and pure as possible. We believe that when it comes to skincare, less is more, and simplicity is the key to achieving glowing, healthy skin.

At HADAKA Beauty, we are proud to celebrate the beauty of all skin tones and skin types. Our carefully curated products deliver hydration to every skin type, combating the signs of aging for a smooth, plump, and age-defying complexion.

The name HADAKA holds a special place in our hearts. In Japanese, HADAKA means "naked," "nude," or "bare." It perfectly captures our love for skin that feels au naturel - radiant, confident, and comfortable in its own beauty. This concept resonates deeply with our brand and encapsulates our commitment to embracing simplicity, nature, and authenticity.

At HADAKA BEAUTY, we are driven by passion, authenticity, and a genuine desire to empower and uplift. Our mission is to deliver skincare experiences that make you feel beautiful, inside and out. Join us on this journey to celebrate the simplicity, embrace your unique beauty, and experience the transformative power of HADAKA.

Our quality promise

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. We spend most of our time and energy for good design and to achieve high quality. Every single detail from material to technique is thought through with obsessive attention.