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ILLŪMEN LED Light Therapy Skin Perfector Device

ILLŪMEN LED Light Therapy Skin Perfector Device

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Introducing the IILŪMEN LED Light Therapy Skin Perfector Device, a revolutionary beauty tool designed to give your skin the ultimate rejuvenation. Developed using NASA-inspired LED light therapy, this device harnesses the power of red, yellow, and blue LED lights to promote skin regeneration and provide a myriad of benefits.

By incorporating LED and thermal technology, IILŪMEN enhances and complements your existing skincare routine for unparalleled results. The thermal care feature gently opens up your pores, allowing for better absorption of your favorite skincare products. The device's vibration function works in synergy with the LED lights to accelerate the absorption process, ensuring that every drop of your chosen mask or skincare ingredient goes deep into your skin for maximum efficacy.

With just a quick, self-timed 6-minute treatment, you can unlock a world of skincare possibilities. The IILŪMEN LED Light Therapy Skin Perfector Device targets various skin concerns, including anti-aging effects, acne treatment, inflammation reduction, and overall skin improvement

RED LIGHT – For healthy, youthful-looking skin. Targets fibroblast cells and increases collagen production, red LED light therapy can effectively reduce scarring, inflammation, pore size, fine lines, and skin tightening
Vibration and 42ºF heating features.
Wavelenght:  635nm

BLUE LIGHT – It's an effective acne treatment, bacteria elimination, oil control, and inflammation reduction. Incorporating a blue LED light device into a regular skincare routine can lead to clearer, healthier skin.
Vibration feature.
Wavelenght: 470nm

YELLOW LIGHT - Helps accelerate cell growth, wound healing, stimulates collagen production and lymphatic drainage. As well as helping with rosacea while calming and soothing the skin.
Vibration and 42ºF heating features.
Wavelenght: 585nm

ILLŪMEN offers closer LED therapy to the skin, resulting in better penetration of skincare products.

The 3 different light modes are suitable for different face masks, providing vibration and 42º heating to help stimulate collagen production.

How to use

ILLŪMEN utilizes multiple technologies to meet different facial skincare needs, by promoting more efficient absorption of skincare products.

Pair your mask/skincare with the treatment mode best suited to your personal needs.

When pairing the device with skincare products, you can use a thin cotton pad or fine gauze over the Treatment Surface, saturated with the serum/oil of your choice.

Cleanse your face before use.

Apply the sheet mask/skincare, flatten, and smooth product on your face.

Turn on ILLŪMEN and select colour mode according to your personal needs.

Slowly and gently massage upwards with the Treatment Surface, avoiding the area around the eyes. (Jaw line-Cheeks-Nose-Forehead)

After 6 minutes of continued use, ILLŪMEN will shut off automatically.

Rinse off the mask if required and follow up with your regular skincare regimen

Rinse the device with water and pat dry with a soft cloth. Cover the Treatment Surface with the protective cover provided.

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A new kind of skincare.

Imagine having consistently hydrated, revitalized, and youthful-looking skin!

Our products not only address immediate hydration needs but also combat the signs of aging, keeping your skin supple and radiant. The infusion of natural ingredients will leave your skin feeling nourished and replenished, enhancing its natural beauty.

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